The island of flowers

Tourist attractions

Peter is an island paradise that enchants tourists with its beaches of white sand, its climate and its multicolored flowers. Nevertheless we also recommend you to commit on the winding roads, inland, to really discover this Caribbean jewel. To the South of the country, in the land, the sailor welcomes another of our agencies at the hotel the shores of Ulysses.

Fort-de-France has a historical and cultural heritage important. The city is home to numerous religious buildings; the Church of la Redoute, the sacred heart of Balata, but above all the St. Louis Cathedral, style combining gothic revival to the romano-Byzantine.

Feel free to take the wheel for transit between the Palace of arts and cultures, the Théâtre de la ville and eventually're lounging you on the beach of Fort-de-France. On the other side of the Bay, at Pointe du Bout, you can rent a car agency notice located at les Trois-îlets.


1 sports
There are many nautical activities. Surf lovers, visit the Bonneville Anse or Tartane. You can also make the Board sailing and Kit surf on the beaches of Anse Michel, le Vauclin or Pointe-du-Bout.
Areas of diving in the North of Martinique lie in the Bay of St. Peter, where you can, among other things, explore wrecks dating from the eruption of Mount Pelée.

2 hiking

The trail of the coast, under construction, will connect Basse Pointe Robert (48 km). Although it is not yet completed, the path to discover many villages of the coast as Basse-Pointe, Le Lorrain or even La Trinité. There are many other paths. Ask at the tourist office.

3 tropical Canyoning
The rivers and canyons in the North will be the opportunity to practice canyoning discovering the tropical forest. Many organizations offer initiations framed by a qualifie.a guide


1 kitchen

The best way to discover culinary specialities Martinique is to travel in private homes offering lodging and cover. For the products of the sea, enjoy the succulent creole plate of cod and shrimp, as well as SAARC of the stuffed crab. Enjoy a blaffs, marinated in a mixture of spices and lime and fill with fruit and exotic vegetables: guavas, bananas, fruit of the passion (Maracuja) or sweet pink.

2 drinks

Rum is the basis of fruity cocktails like the punch planter, which combines fruit juice, cane sugar, rum and a dash of lime. You can also opt for a lime daiquiri or a pina colada with pineapple and Coconut cream.

Meadow in a hut where you will be serve with fresh juice as diverse as exquisite (orange, mango, maracuja...). Alternatively go by car rental in a rum distillery and for a tasting, but do not forget that the usage recommendations regarding the drunk driving also apply to overseas!


1 music and dances

Music and dance are an integral part of West Indian culture. Zouk listens to the radio all day long and dancing languorously in two. In recent years, we are witnessing a resurgence of the "gow - ka', but it feels like everything even the influence of the Antilles with salsa and reggae that really dominate the music scene. It was however during the Carnival period that the feast is in full swing. The Carnival is celebrated every year without fail by all Martinique and begins the Sunday after the Epiphany. It will last four days during which all the country lives to the rhythm of parades